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Our focus is to design, produce, market, sell unique collections of NFTs while building community to support longevity and after market of a project, including the development of gamified NFTs for Play to Earn gaming.

About Us

We are a wholly owned subsidiary of CYIOS Corp, a US public company (ticker: CYIO). Immortals Group has teamed up with Hong Kong-based SLH Ltd, a company that acquired the creative assets of Stan Lee Media, Stan Lee's Hollywood-based animation studio.

Our Work

Lost Spider-Man Parody 'Slam-Girl' to Debut as Limited Edition NFT Collection

More than 20 years since her creation, Slam-Girl will debut to the world in the form of a limited-edition NFT collection. The Slam-Girl CYBERspace NFT Collection will offer 10,000 unique NFT art collectables based on the never-before-released Slam-Girl super hero character franchise.

Slam-Girl NFT

Shirrel Rhoades, former Marvel Comics Publisher & former Executive Vice President of Marvel Entertainment, is curator of the Slam-Girl CYBERspace Collection, which has been masterfully designed by the Co-creator, Slam-Girl NFT artist and legendary Marvel animation, artist and story teller, Will Meugniot alongside Immersive International who have guided the creative co direction and technical processing of Will Meugniot's amazing artwork into super unique and complex multifaceted NFT collection.

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